Lafayette Whole House Remodel: Lafayette California

Kitchen remodel, dining and family room remodel, entertainment center addition, bathrooms remodel

The original house was built in the 1970’s in Lafayette, California and had suffered from a series of very bad remodels.  Each added remodel was poorly integrated into the adjacent construction. The house was sited in a beautiful hillside setting surrounded by mature oak trees.  There were many decks that surrounded the house but there was a very poor connection between the interior of the house and the exterior environment. The kitchen and bathrooms needed updating.

We developed various whole house remodel studies to open up the house to the exterior and to reorganize the interior spaces.  Our master plan for the changes included a phased approach.  To save on the costs, the owners decided to do very minimum exterior changes and to concentrate the work on the main level of the house.  We developed a plan to completely transform the main level with remodeled bathrooms, new interior furnishes, a new front entry door, a new remodeled kitchen and dining area, and a completely remodeled family room with a new entertainment center.

The completed renovation of the main level of the house is a complete transformation of the exiting interior spaces with a new contemporary design with clean lines and warm interiors.  The renovated kitchen included larger windows overlooking the rear deck and oak trees.  The new custom cabinetry in the kitchen and family room areas are visually related so that the interior spaces have a much more integrated appearance.


General Contractor:
Juan Carlos Maceda
San Pablo CA

Interior Colors and Finishes:
Applegate Tran Interiors
San Francisco, CA

Mark Trousdale
San Francisco, CA