Piedmont Addition and Remodel: Piedmont, California

ICHIMARU RESIDENCE Piedmont, California

This project in Piedmont, California was initiated by a growing family and their desire to move in with an aging parent.  The kids and the parent wanted to still have their own private spaces along with convenient communal spaces to be together.

The client initially requested we explore building a large basement space for the parent.  Considering that the space would be costly to create and have limited light, we recommended re-configuring some of the space they had already and doing a small rear yard addition.  We knew this approach would be less expensive and result in a much nicer space with better natural light and access to the common areas to the house.  We could do this without compromising on the privacy of the individuals as well.

We ended up creating a private suite for the father at the ground level and incorporated aging in place strategies in the design and layout of his area.  Adjacent to his space we created a new kitchen and breakfast space that opened up to the rear yard.  The father would have direct and easy access from his suite to the kitchen/breakfast area.

The children and their kids were to be located upstairs in a newly configured master suite and remodeled bedrooms and bathrooms for the kids.  There ended up being plenty of room for this.  Some of the back end of the house needed to be rebuilt as there had been some poor construction in a past addition.  Even with all of this remodeling and the addition, we were able to configure this project within the budget discussed.


General Contractor:
Welte Construction Inc.
San Leandro, CA

Structural Engineer:
SEMCO Engineering
San Francisco, CA

Kaplan Architects
San Francisco, CA