Our services can include:
Pre-Design Services

  • Pre-design and programming services.
  • Assistance with site evaluation and selection.
  • Review entitlement process with various agencies.

Design and Design Development

  • Assemble, direct, and coordinate all consultants involved with the project.
  • Develop design concepts based on site analysis, programming requirements (clients needs), regulatory factors and budgetary restrictions.
  • Design and design development pre-permit planning department approvals/entitlements as required. 
  • In house 3-D modeling capabilities and presentation drawings.
  • Develop and assemble submittal packages for design reviewing agencies.

Permit and Construction Documents

  • Preparation of permit documents and construction contract documents. 
  • Interior design services. 
  • Assist with and guide product selection and specification in the construction drawings.
  • Coordination of entire design team. 
  • Submittal to city agencies for plan check review.

Engaging a Contractor

  • Administer contractor bidding or negotiation process.
  • Assist with contractor pre-qualification and selection.  We will recommend possible contractors for the project or review contractors recommended by others.

Construction Phase Services

  • Periodic site visits during construction to assess compliance with the contract documents.
  • Review contractors pay requests.
  • Answer contractor's and owner's questions during construction and issue clarifications.