Firm Overview

Kaplan Architects, established in 1985, is a San Francisco based architectural firm engaged in projects throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

At Kaplan Architects we believe in pursuing design excellence.  We do this through thoughtful iteration of ideas, challenging our own preconceptions, and rethinking the solutions we develop.  We strive for the results of our work to be functional, timeless, and beautiful.  We create spaces with our clients’ needs and desires foremost in mind, and we strive to create spaces that are warm and inviting.

Kaplan Architects specializes in mostly custom, high-end residential and small commercial projects in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.  We have a strong capability in both the design and the technical aspects of the work.  We design new homes, additions, and remodels.  We also do a variety of commercial projects.

We can provide services to guide you through the entire design and building process. We will develop a thoughtful and well-considered design, take you through any required planning department reviews, develop the technical details and permit drawings needed for construction and permits, procure the building permit, assist you with finding a good contractor, and work in concert with the contractor to make sure your project is executed as planned during construction.  We are your guide and advocate throughout the entire process.  We can tailor our services to your specific needs and believe we are an exceptional value to our clients.

Kaplan Architects has developed a reputation among its clients, other architects, and builders as a firm having unsurpassed quality and unequaled integrity.  It is our goal to always meet and enhance our reputation.  The goal of Kaplan Architects is to leave every client completely satisfied with the services it has to offer.  Mr. Kaplan believes that the interaction between client and architect can produce buildings that withstand the changes of fashion and time.  A complete design considers both the interior and exterior of the building as a totally integrated effort.  Projects emerge from the clients' needs and desires while responding to the cues of the site, sun, and climate.