San Francisco Kitchen and Dining Remodel: San Francisco California

Kitchen and dining remodel, remodel bathroom.

Built in the early 1930’s, the existing traditional San Francisco residence retained many of the craftsman details of the original house.  The owners wanted to update two bathrooms and the kitchen and dining areas. The original kitchen was very out of date and needed to be made more functional with modern appliances and cabinetry.  The original kitchen was closed off from the adjacent dining room space.  The client asked us to open up the kitchen to the dining room space.  They also wished us to design the new work to be in keeping with the original design elements.  An important existing feature in the two spaces was a central atrium with lush tropical plants.  It was important that both spaces retained their open connection to the atrium space.

We removed the wall between the kitchen and adjacent dining room and inserted a peninsula in place of the wall between the two rooms.  We designed a new window for the kitchen that matched the design of the French doors in the dining room that lead to an atrium. The cabinet design and finishes were chosen to blend harmoniously with the era and detailing of the original house.

The new kitchen style is significantly more compatible with the existing residence, and is a warm and inviting space that is both functional and beautiful. The more efficient layout of the new kitchen makes for a much better work space. The new cabinet design and layout make the dining room kitchen area a more inviting space altogether.


General Contractor:
Neil Yellin & Company
Burlingame, CA

Interior Colors and Finishes:
Applegate Tran Interiors
San Francisco, CA

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